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What is SafeOut?

Safety and Security solution for Women!


Traveling alone? Feeling unsafe?

  • Simple way to feel safe! Just download our SafeOut app and use.
  • With a panic trigger, notify the volunteers around you, your kith and kin and also a law enforcement agencies.
  • Speak to them, chat to them, conference to them and get timely help and rescue.
  • The app will share your location with them and be rest assured.

Worried about your lovely partner? or your Cute children?

  • Just sign up for SafeOut and be active.
  • You get distress calls from your neighborhood when there is a need.
  • You can be among the first one to respond and protect someone.

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Real Time Tracking

We track your position Real Time.

Group Chat

When someone in distress, the team can engage a group chat and conference call to a plan the rescue.

Conference Call

The potential victim can conference with the rescue team and expedite the rescue mission.

Locational Alert

Wherever you are, nearby volunteers will be alerted in seconds!

How it works?

As effective as it looks!

Activate Alert Mode

We track your position real time.

Panic Trigger

When in distress, the potential victim triggers the panic.

Notify Alert

The server notifies the rescue team with the potential victim's real time location.

Forming the A - Team

The rescue team is formed based on the location and plans for the rescue.

Priority Communication

Multiple communication channels are enabled for the potential victim, which includes SMS, group chat, conference call and real time location sharing.

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Safe and Secure

Launching soon! For Android Platform. Please stay tuned.

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